»They came from the sea

They came from the sky 

They came together 

And a new being was born«



This is a unique union between synchronized swimming and contemporary circus, a specially designed site-specific performance above and below the water’s surface. The performance is a poetic and visually magnificent experience of love and respect, filled with air and water acrobatics and astounding formations.


50 artists perform for More than 100,000 spectators

The show played in its biggest site-specific form so far, during the Stockholm Culture Festival 2018, where it performed five nights in a row for more than 100,000 people. The ensemble consists of more than 50 artists, including professional circus artists; elite synchronized swimmers as well as amateur swimmers and canoeists.



The show is a full experience that will tickle all senses as you are welcomed into the Aquanauts universe. Where the silver-shimmering and wordless creatures spread their message: everyone can be oneself, we belong together and love will conquer all.


The creative team

Circus artist and choreographer with many years’ experience. Jesper has acted in over 400 shows of Cirkus Cikör's greatest success, the performance Wear it like a crown.

Synchronized swimmer, designer and fine artist.

Synchronized Swimmer Coach and choreographer. Katalins work as a Coach is described in the award-winning TV documentary Men who Swim.

Camilla has many years’ experience of creating and directing events for Circus Cirkör.



CIRKUS ARTISTS: Regina Baumann, Klara Mossberg, Mira Leonard, Fabian Kazen Nikolajeff, Aaron Hakala, Ethan Law, Tobias Strollo, Mikael Lindström, Lukas Ivanow, Erik Berkey, Hedda Celander, Tobias Niemöller, Ole Skovgård Dampe, Thomas Grahndin Jensen och Ylva Runqvist. SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMERS: Anna Högdal, Anna Sommansson, Anna Nordberg, Anneli Rudström, Annie Laine, Camilla Nilsson, Carina Kraft Thomassen, Caroline Rissve, Elin Mellqvist, Elric Sauze, Emma Haskovec, Eva Muhle, Frida Jungnell, Frida Starck Lindfors , Frida Klingberg, Gertrud Ekman Öhrn, Hanna Ronnysdotter, Helga Stensson, Jennifer Sonestedt, Jonas Beckman, Josefine Öhman, Josefine Magnusson, Kaisa Fexe, Katarina Dahl, Katarina Nolkrantz Frydman, Klara Sparr, Linda Sjöberg Thelenius, Madeleine Billing, Margareta Meyze, Maria Strandlund, Mattias Pettersson, Mia Olausson Sundsten, Mika Laine, Monica Moonstone Karlsson, Monika Westerlund, Parmida Hamdollazadehkiveive, Petter Hydén, Sandra Allerrud, Sara Strandlund, Sara Brobert, Pernilla Johansson, Tobias Strollo, Amanda Sundqvist, Clàudia Arasa Cuartiella CANOEISTS: Henrik Lundgren, Alex Cuadrado, Anna Malmsten, Daphne Wahlund, Georg Laine, Gunilla Stenberg, Henrik Lundgren, Isabelle Zupanc, Julijana Nyhaga, Linda Lindwall, Lisa Sigtryggsson, Lovisa Östberg, Martin von Sydow, Oscar Sigtryggsson, Sirkka Aho


Financers from Stockholms Handelskammare, Stockholms stad and Stockholms läns landsting. Special thanks to Maria Rankka.
Stockholms Kulturfestival: Special thanks to Roger Ticoalu, Philippa Staffas, Terese Bonnevierr and Linnéa Rosén. Project leaders: Erik Gullberg. Head of technical department: Andreas Jakobsson. Lighting design: Linus Pansell. Music Design: Honza Balcar. Voice Over: Dylan Williams. Scene manager: Jacob Westin. Edins Kranar: Peter. Kostymhjälp: Liv Karlsson. Backstage: Saska Särkilhati, Einar Kling-Odencrants, Peter Åberg, Saara Ahola. Cirkus Cirkör crew: Anders Frennberg, Osiel Ibanez, Henrik Sundin, Tilde Björfors, Anna Ljungqvist, Anton Midtöy, Jim Nedergård. Social media: Sara Strandlund. Design and production of queen costume: Bea Szenfeld. Special thanks: Emelie Bergbohm, Hellen Smitterberg and Zoi Bergström.

All the photos from the live show is photographed by JONAS LINDKVIST

The trailer is created by JOHAN BÅÅTH & DAMÓN ZURAWSKI

Texter texter o bilder med ram9.jpg


This art exhibition is based on the history behind the Aquanauts. We follow the research from the anthropologist Beata Gardelius and the geologist Inga Lisa Blomgren and their discoveries at Siljansringen in 1897. They are the first scientists who encountered and photographed the unknown species »Homo Aquatis«.


THE remarkable photographs of sara mac key

Sara Mac Keys’ photographs has been an important part of Aquanauts development through the years. In the exhibition her storytelling pictures explores this paralell universe and captures the sensitivity and the humanity of all the diverse creatures in the Aquanauts. As the photo journalist she is she has been following this team for years and as a result she finally found herself being an irreplaceable part of it.


THE 10 replicas of the diverse species »homo aquatis«

This is a part of the art exhibition »AQUANAUTS: HOMO AQUATIS«.
Based upon the research of the anthropologist Beata Gardelius and the geologist Inga Lisa Blomgren and their discoveries at Siljansringen in 1897 Pompe Hedengren has created ten replicas in natural size of these diverse species.




Free pressphoto. »Love for the sake of loving«. Photo by Sara Mac Key.

Free pressphoto. The creative team behind AQUANAUTS with Cirkus Cirkör.
Director Jesper Nikolajeff, Choreographer Katalin Bachry and Artistic Director Pompe Hedengren.
Photo by Sara Strandlund.


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